My Big Picture Email Strategy: My Long-term Nurturing Plan

Getting consistent with email marketing looks different for everyone. Tune in to hear my 5-year plan for email marketing.

Do you have a great product or service, but you’re struggling to develop an email marketing strategy that will help your business grow?

The problem is that most edupreneurs start their email marketing efforts with no strategy at all. They just send out random sales emails whenever they feel like it. This means that their customers don’t know what to expect from them, so they are less likely to open the next one.

It also means that they are wasting money because these sales emails aren’t getting any attention and therefore aren’t converting into new customers or repeat purchases.

In this episode, Chynell is sharing her new thought process for developing an effective email marketing plan. She shares her ideas on how to create a consistent flow of valuable content your audience wants to read about every week, which in turn helps bring in more leads and eventually more revenue for your business!

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Here are the points from this episode

  • An evergreen email newsletter is a great alternative to weekly live emails.
  • Differentiating your subscribers’ experience on your list can lead to increase sales.
  • The importance of keeping your list nurtured.

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