How FREE Makes You Money

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth your time to make freebies and free content and wanted to see the big picture view of how “FREE” makes you money, then this episode is for you!

Are you harnessing the power of free to grow your online business? Find out in today’s podcast.

Chynell teaches you the FREE mistakes we make with our FREE content on our social media channels, the FREE content we post on our blogs/podcast/YouTube channels, and the FREEBIES we create for our audience.

The power of free is just that- POWERFUL, but if you aren’t leveraging the power of free in your marketing strategy it comes at a cost.

Here are the points from this episode

  • The role of lead magnets in your marketing and sales strategy.
  • The role of free content in your marketing and sales strategy.
  • The mistakes to avoid when harnessing the power of Free.