Growing TikTok from Scratch (ZERO to 37,000 Followers in Less than 90 Days)

Starting from zero can feel overwhelming. Check out this episode where we talk about starting your TikTok business account from scratch!

How do you get thousands of followers on TikTok? And not just any followers, but actual-ideal customers?

It’s no secret that TikTok has taken the world by storm. When joining TikTok to promote your business getting started can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Where do you start? What kind of content should you post? How often? Do you have to dance? These are all valid questions that are answered in this episode.

This episode is a case study of an incredibly effective TikTok marketing strategy that got my client 37K followers in 90 days and several “viral” (100k+ views) TikToks that she was able to use to build her email list and enroll members into her tutoring program.

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Here are the points from this episode

  • Your TikTok strategy doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Why consistency matters on TikTok
  • Batching will save you precious time