Welcome! I’m Chynell!

Every day I get to connect with women around the world who want to do more.  Do more for their students. Do more for their families. Do more for others. 

As an educator for over 8 years, I know firsthand what it’s like to put others first. 

I quickly realized that if I invested in myself and grew my own skills, then I would be able to impact my loved ones and the field of education in a much bigger and more meaningful way. 

So that’s what I did. During my first year of teaching third grade, I opened up an online store selling resources online for other teachers to use in their own classrooms.

I, like many, became an accidental entrepreneur. I didn’t know the real potential of selling digital products on the internet.

Fortunately, my husband saw the potential in me.

After bouncing between a very inconsistent $6 and $100 of sales per month, I finally decided to invest in taking the time to learn the skills needed to run an online business. Within two months I was consistently generating four figures per month on resources that were $10 and under.

I NEVER thought that was possible. 

Being able to share those lessons I learned early on with others is my true passion.

It’s a Beautiful Thing when a career and a passion come together!

I get so much joy out of helping other teachers essentially give their own selves a raise by earning additional money in their sleep selling online. 

I’m also a curriculum designer & published author. I teach my clients who have dreams of one-day writing and publishing a book how I landed a book deal so they can begin implementing some of the methods before they’ve even written the first page of their book.